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Aprilaire Again Revolutionizes Whole-Home Humidification

New Automatic Digital Humidifier Control

Madison, Wis (September 12, 2007) – Aprilaire, a leader in the indoor air comfort industry, announced today its next generation of whole-home humidifiers, an entire family of Automatic Digital and Manually Controlled units, designed to offer homeowners more options in meeting their humidification needs

Aprilaire’s new line of humidifiers were designed based on extensive homeowner research and offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced features available.

The new Automatic Digital Control provides optimum humidity levels, up to 50 percent more than manual control, throughout the heating season. The focal point of the new control is the blue, liquid crystal backlit display that is designed to be viewed in poorly lit areas from as far as 20 feet away. The Control displays the relative humidity in the home, while the blower is running.

The control also has three indicator lights, giving homeowners additional information on the operation and condition of their humidifier:

  • A green light comes on when the humidifier is on and operating properly.
  • A yellow light comes on when water panel replacement is required. This intelligent control monitors the operating time of the solenoid valve and turns on the indicator light at the appropriate time. Run time is adjustable depending on the model installed and the hardness of the water.
  • A red light appears when there is a malfunction with the humidistat operation. When this occurs, one of four error codes will appear in the display.

Also new is the color scheme, which is a lighter blend of blue and gray, intended to have a subtle presence in the installed environment. It looks great on any installation, regardless of the brand of furnace or air handler installed. The new color will be implemented throughout all Aprilaire’s products over the next year. For more information click here.